Precision cylindrical roller bearings

RTB bearings are mainly used for the machine tool industry.

The bearing have excellent stiffness combined with very little axial and radial runout and absorb high moment loads and are always preloaded and are mostly used in rotary tables and milling heads.

The standard bearing execution have either two axial brass or nylon cages and are radially full compliment.

High Speed bearing execution does have also one radial synthetic cage.


RTB bearings is made with one forged L-shaped ring, a flat outer ring and washer.

The specified load ratings calculation is based on ISO 76 UNI and UNI ISO 281.

RTB bearings are available in oiled or greased version.

  • RTB- bearings, oiled version
    The bearing is packed in oil-paper and protected against corrosion. For oiled execution customer is responsible for proper lubrication, bearing is equipped with two holes on inner and outer ring to oil or or grease
  • RTB - G with grease

The bearing is already 50% filled with lithium-based lithium (EP, NLGI 2, 150cst at 40° Celsius). If If other grease qualities are needed, please contact us.

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