Customized Bearings

Rollers are frequently used in harsh conditions that´s why they are manufactured in different designs and material combination like steel/plastic, steel/PU, all-plastic, plastic/brass etc. These kind of products are often used in semi-precision applications in cargo and transportation industries for road trailers  and railroad freight cars, furniture and conveyor industry and many others.

Sem-precision rollers often are used in heavy duty applications and must withstand enormous impacts under severe conditions, that’s why quality, reliability and lifetime cycle matters most and is always a decisive factor.

To assure using the right product we offer prototypes and/or pre production samples for intensive testings at customers site to get the product approved.


Tailored roller bearing solutions

On request we also develop suitable concepts for your application.

Many years of experience in designing technical roller bearing solutions for all industries is basis for access to multitude of ideas and proposals.

Here you can see an example of customized roller bearing solution: