Steel Cages and Radial Steel Cages

Steel Cages and Radial Steel Cages are made inhouse at ITM UNITEC GmbH


  • Steel Cage with needles (IBFZ)/ without needles(IBF)
  • Steel Cage converted to Radial Steel Cage, assembled with Needles (K)
  • Radial Steel Cage with hardened inner and outer rings, assembled (KR)


Radial Steel Cages without needles (IBF) with needles (IBFZ)

  • made of metal sheets with increased tensile strength, stamped, bent and embossed with pockets to accommodate precision needles
  • radial steel cage, assembled with profiled needles (IBFZ)
  • can be recasted into radial needle cage (K)
  • can be produced in small quantities and short lead times
  • allows very flexible dimensions
  • steel cages are available in lengths of: 1000 mm, 1250 mm, 1500 mm, 1750 mm, 2000 mm
  • steel cages are available without needles as IBF and assembled with precision needles as IBFZ.

Radial Steel Cages (K /KR) without/with hardened steel rings

Steel Cages with Needles IBFZ can be delivered as linear Steel Cage in different lengths, as bent Radial Steel Cage diameters upon customer´s request ( K ) as well as complete Radial Steel Cage with hardened Inner- and Outerring ( KR )

When using Radial Steel Cage ( K ) shaft and housing surface must be hardened and ground to improve lifetime




Application examples for Radial Steel Cages

Radial Steel Cages are used more and more in applications where limited space and cost reduction matters – f.o. in machine tools, gearboxes, winches, textile machines and many others, especially where precision and high load ratings are demanded and proven materials are reaching their limits.

Radial Steel Cages carry high and frequent reverse loads at high temperatures and provide longer lifetime cycles.

Limited installation space, Demand for small quantities, flexible producible dimensions,, short-term availabilities and an attractive cost-benefit ratio are additional reasons why Radial Steel Cages are often requested.