UNITEC Bearings

Founded in 1976 in S. Nicoló a Trebbia Rottofreno, Italy. 

UNITEC is a manufacturer of high quality and customized cylindrical roller bearings for all applications. The company is 100% owned by Mondial S.p.A. of Milan. 

UNITEC employs about 50 people, 70% of the manufactured products are precision roller bearings for machine tools, 30% of the bearings are used in other demanding industrial applications. 

High precision rolling bearings are used wherever maximum precision is required. UNITEC is specialized in grinding complex and high precision geometries for rolling bearings and is ISO 9001:2000 and 14001 certified. A common field of application is the machine tool industry, which requires high accuracy and precision. 

In addition to machine tool building, applications can be found in large plant construction such as steel mills and rolling mills, the paper machine industry and plastics machine industry, gearbox construction and special machine construction. 

The Unitec portfolio consists of: 

  • Precision cylindrical roller bearings
  • Axial-radial roller bearings
  • Cross roller bearings, angular contact roller bearings
  • Tandem bearings
  • Drawing bearings


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