Precision Bearings

High Precision Roller Bearings

Precision Roller Bearings

High precision roller bearings are used wherever maximum precision is required. A frequent field of application is the machine tool industry, which demands high accuracy and precision.

Special Characteristics

Precision roller bearings are manufactured as crossed roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings or combined as axial/radial roller bearings, depending on the application. They are ready-to-fit high-precision bearings for supporting high mutually axial and radial loads. High rigidity and tilting moments as well as low starting torque despite preload characterize these bearings, which are used in machines with high precision requirements and long life time.

Technical Information

UNITEC is a manufacturer of high quality and customized cylindrical roller bearings for all applications.

High precision bearings are used wherever maximum precision is required. Both companies are specialized in grinding complex and high precision geometries for rolling bearings. A common field of application is the machine tool industry, which demands high accuracy and precision. 

In addition to machine tool construction, applications can be found in large-scale plant construction such as steel mills and rolling mills, the paper machine industry and plastics machine industry, gear construction and special machine construction. 

RTB bearings are mainly used for the machine tool industry.

The bearing have excellent stiffness combined with very little axial and radial runout and absorb high moment loads and are always preloaded and are mostly used in rotary tables and milling heads.

The standard bearing execution have either two axial brass or nylon cages and are radially full compliment.

High Speed bearing execution does have also one radial synthetic cage.


RTB bearings is made with one forged L-shaped ring, a flat outer ring and washer.

The specified load ratings calculation is based on ISO 76 UNI and UNI ISO 281.

RTB bearings are available in oiled or greased version.

  • RTB- bearings, oiled version
    The bearing is packed in oil-paper and protected against corrosion. For oiled execution customer is responsible for proper lubrication, bearing is equipped with two holes on inner and outer ring to oil or or grease
  • RTB - G with grease

The bearing is already 50% filled with lithium-based lithium (EP, NLGI 2, 150cst at 40° Celsius). If If other grease qualities are needed, please contact us.

SRB bearings are axial-radial precision roller bearings with two axial and one radial cage which takes loads in both directions.

Bearings are available with alternative without flanges.

The two axial roller cages are centered on the inner ring, provides high precision in combination with small dimensions and high stiffness, since the inner and outer ring as well as the two axial crowns are matched to one another.

The bearings are available with single-sided stepped and extended axial washers. SRB bearings are often used on ball screws in machine tools. The optimum stiffness and pre-stressing can be achieved by defining the lock nut. 

The SRB series is characterized by the highest precision.


Compact design, high stiffness, radial and axial force absorption from both directions, very good running accuracy and high tipping torque take up cross roller bearings.

Crossed roller bearings are used in limited installation conditions where low gravitational forces of the rotating masses are given and simplify applications from previously 2 rolling bearings to 1 bearing position.

Applications of cross-roller bearings include index and rotary tables, spindles with horizontal and vertical axes as well as robot arms.



Product Film

Design and functions of a UNITEC RTB cylindrical roller bearing


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