Needle rollers

Our needle rollers are offered at ITM UNITEC GmbH.


Radial Steel Cages

We offer following flat cages according to the customer's requirements:

  • Steel Cage with & without needles
  • Steel Cage converted to Radial Steel Cage
    • assembled with Needles (K)
  • Radial Steel Cage with hardened inner & outer rings
    • assembled (KR)

Special Properties

Our needle rollers are flat cages bent to a diameter according to customer requirements. Due to the cage guidance, higher speeds are possible compared to full complement bearings and these are suitable for pitch circle speeds up to n * d < 100,000 mm/min. They score with their low radial overall height and are also suitable for large shaft diameters. Our needle rollers can also be supplied in small quantities and are available at short notice. Due to an open butt joint, they can be easily mounted and oil and grease lubrication is possible. The radial needle roller and cage assemblies are units consisting of bent flat cages (IBFZ) fitted with needle rollers and can be supplied as complete bearing units including inner and outer steel rings (KR) as required. Without steel rings (K), a hardened and ground shaft and housing bore are required as raceway.


Technical Information

Radial flat cages are finding more and more areas of application - including in machine tools and gear manufacturing, where precision and high load ratings are required and proven materials are reaching the limits of their load capacity.

Steel flat cages can better support high loads under frequent alternating loads and high temperatures and allow significantly longer service lives under high stresses.

Small installation dimensions, flexibly producible dimensions, small purchase quantities, short-term availability and an attractive cost-benefit ratio are the main reasons why flat cages are frequently used.

  • Running surfaces (shaft/housing) must be hardened and polished
  • Alternatively, corresponding steel bands can be supplied as inner and outer rings
  • Tolerance shaft/housing: f6/H7
  • Open butt joint
  • Lateral contact surface (Ra<0.8) must be wear-resistant

Die Abdichtung erfolgt mit handelsüblichen Dichtungen zwischen Lager und Anschlußkonstruktion.

Flat cages, radial needle rollers and steel rings are corrosion protected and compact. Before start-up, depending on the lubrication method, the parts must be oiled or greased.

Radial needle rollers with steel rings are supplied ready for installation.

Flat cages are available in the following standard length units:

  • 1000 mm
  • 1250 mm
  • 1500 mm
  • 1750 mm
  • 2000 mm
  • Special lengths on demand
  • Radial needle roller filled with needle rollers  IBFZ 735
    • Shaft diameter 500 mm Housing bore 514 mm width 35 mm
    • Order designation K 500x514x35 from IBFZ 735
  • Radial needle rollers with steel ring KR made of flat cage filled with needle rollers IBFZ 1240
    • Shaft diameter 800 mm housing bore 828 mm width 40 mm
    • Order designation: KR 800x828x40 from IBFZ 1240

Product Film

Application example for a flat cage which is bent into a needle roller.

Flat Cages


Our quality standards

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  • ISO 9001:2015 certified

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